Poster presentation coursework

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Summer Internship Symposium

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May 25,  · Ten Simple Rules for a Good Poster Presentation. Thomas C Erren * and Philip E Bourne summary that will encourage the reader to want to learn more. Many a lifelong collaboration has begun in front of a poster board.

Here are ten simple rules for maximizing the return on the time-consuming process of preparing and. Published: Fri, 19 May Critique of the poster PURPOSE.

The purpose of my poster was to effectively present my research topic, describing my methodology and aims in a clear, precise manner. They also must present one scientific poster at an international, national, regional, state, university, or departmental poster session.

Bioscience Requirement (3 or 4 s.h.) If a student has had such coursework in the past, a bioscience course does not need to be taken, but the hours are replaced with more hours of electives.

By visual presentation, this means you can make a “poster” (using software such as Publisher), a webpage (you can either create and post one, or submit the html document and associated images), or a PowerPoint or OpenOffice presentation.

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Use section headers to separate topics or concepts within your presentation. is at % the size of the final poster.

All text and graphics will be printed at % their size.


To see what your poster will look like when printed, set the zoom to % and evaluate the quality of all your graphics before you submit your poster for printing.

Poster presentation coursework
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