Plato impact on christianity

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Philosophy and Ethics

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Christianity’s Platonic Heaven. What does Plato’s view of heaven have to do with Christianity? Plato’s Influence on the Early Church Fathers. It may be a surprise to some that the early church fathers were heavily influenced by Greek philosophy.

Some actually believed that God had given Greek philosophy to the Gentile world to prepare. Plato was born in BC in Athens, Greece. He was born into a wealthy and aristocratic family with a political background. Plato's father claimed he was a descendent of Codrus, the last king of Athens; on his mother's side he was related to a Greek lawmaker by the name of Solon.

Plato had a huge influence on the development of Christianity.

Neoplatonism and Christianity

An early Greek Pagan, Justin Martyr (AD ) converted to Christianity because he saw the way early Christians bore persecution and was reminded of the way Socrates handled his death. Christianity is the West’s most important worldview.

Plato was the West’s most important philosopher. But the two have far more in common than just importance—in fact.

Christianity’s Platonic Heaven

Plato’s philosophy was by no means the historical ground from which Christianity sprouted. Historically speaking, Christianity is a form of early Jewish messianism—it was birthed in a 1 st century AD Palestinian Jewish milieu in which there was a lot of messianic speculation.

Take It from the Church Fathers: You Should Read Plato

Marsilio Ficino, who translated Plotinus, Proclus, as well as Plato's complete works into Latin, was the central figure of a major Neoplatonist revival in the Renaissance. Essays on Neoplatonism and Christianity in Honor of John O'case-vacanze-bologna-centro.comgton: Catholic University of America Press.

Matthews, Alfred Warren.

Plato impact on christianity
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Plato and Early Christian Thought | David Duncombe