Compliance status of nightingale community hospital

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Nightingale Community Hospital Essays and Term Papers

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The Nightingale Society

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Florence Nightingale

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International Committee of the Red Cross

Nationalism and Significance of Individual in Health Care Accreditation is advisable in the contemporary health care institution. Joy the data to determine the vastness patterns of the patient care unit. The lack of adequate documentation on policy and procedure for the various measures makes it difficult to accurately assess whether Nightingale Community Hospital is in complete compliance with the Joint Commission’s standards.

By focusing on these compliance recommendations, Nightingale Community Hospital focuses on patient safety and providing the highest quality of care available. Infection control is a priority focus area. Nightingale Community Hospital Accreditation Audit Paper instructions: The accreditation process seeks to help organizations identify and resolve problems and to inspire them to improve the safety and quality of care and services provided.

A community-oriented nurse conducts home visits to new parents to assess the health status of the infant, the parent-child relationship, the parents' knowledge regarding the care of the infant, and the need for health department and social services referrals to support the.

The Joint Commission is scheduled to visit Nightingale Community Hospital for its triennial accreditation survey within the next 13 months. The purpose of this document is to provide senior leadership with an outline of the hospital’s current compliance status in the Priority Focus Area of Communication.

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Compliance status of nightingale community hospital
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