Business scholarships

25 Scholarships Specifically For Business Majors

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Business-Related Scholarships & Internships

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Business Scholarships

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Scholarships for Business Degree Concentrations

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Scholarships are based on merit or talent, without considering economic need or ethnicity. Since the economically privileged usually have better schools - College, Graduate, High School Students, Postgraduate Student, Postsecondary Students, Scholarship, Undergraduate, University.

The School of Business Administration offers over 30 scholarships for students majoring in Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing or General Business Administration. MBA students are also eligible for several of these scholarships.

Scholarships are based on merit or talent, without considering economic need or ethnicity. Since the economically privileged usually have better schools and more access to other educational resources, merit-based awards favor the economically privileged.

Popular Scholarships Most of the scholarships in this list are very competitive. If you are going to apply to any of these scholarships, you should be prepared to spend a fair amount of time on your application. Business Scholarships. So you’re thinking about attending business school?Prepare yourself for large classes and, if you attend a state college, lectures with enough people to fill a large auditorium (which, as you would expect, will likely be held in a large auditorium).

Business scholarships
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Business Scholarship Opportunities for Undergraduates and MBA Students